Greece Trip, Airmax 97 & life update

Photos: The wonderful Alex Spencer 🙂


Hello friends!

It has been an uncharacteristically long while since I’ve blogged. Although it’s not even Tuesday, I’m finally in the writing mood, so here I am. Since we last spoke, I’ve been on a couple of trips (Gran Canaria, Paris, London, Greece, currently Vancouver), graduated university, and moved out of the flat I’ve had for two years. With so much going on in every aspect of my life (I am incredibly blessed), I just wanted to spend that time sitting back and soaking it all in.

Now that I’m (slowly) coming back, I am so excited to tell you all about my trip to Mykonos. Of all the trips I’ve had in recent memory, it was one of the most eventful yet relaxing. The highlights? Befriending locals, discovering the merits of yellow lens sunglasses at Kopajos, drinking wine on our roof, and spending over 6 hours reading in Katerina’s Bar (coffees pictured).

For such a crazy trip, I managed to pack the perfect amount. Considering that I was travelling straight from a week in Paris to Mykonos, it was actually quite a feat. Packing-wise, I only brought Airmax 97s to work out / walk in (***gasp***), lots of lightweight vintage shirts, H&M dresses and a Herschel bag that could probably fit a small child. While I did shop in Paris, I only bought stuff that’s summer-wearable (2 vintage Hawaiian shirts, 1 vintage tee, denim shorts and an APC surplus bag). In doing so, I didn’t add much weight to my suitcase, and instead expanded the life of my travel wardrobe. As well, I strategically under packed before heading to Paris, since EasyJet would rather you have 10 suitcases than one overweight bag. Odd.


Because of my forethought, I managed to put together outfits effortlessly in Greece. I think this philosophy can apply to one’s closet in general — the more forethought put into shopping / packing, the less thought required for when you’re trying to find something to wear. Case in point: when the above photos were taken. Not only was my hair wet from the shower, but I wasn’t exactly into the idea of anyone taking photos of me. That being said, my friend Alex and I adore photography, and we can’t say no to a rooftop golden hour. After we took these photos, we left for dinner, an outdoor screening of Pirates of the Caribbean, then to meet up with friends. After uploading these the next day, our minds were blown by the photo quality. Sometimes, the best photos come when you aren’t even trying at all.

Back to present day, I am currently in Vancouver. In less than a month, I start my job in London. Although I’m in Vancouver to relax and see my family,  I’ve spent a lot of the time not relaxing, and instead living vicariously through friends back in the UK. Maybe, just maybe, I need to take a page out of my own Greece book, chill out, and trust that Dalston will prove more exciting than I could ever plan for.

P.S: London brunch recommendations = always needed.



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