Wearing black for summer & Edinburgh sun

Hello friends!

During my stop in St Andrews last week, I made a day trip to Edinburgh. During this trip, I not only repaired my film camera at Cameratiks (and hit up Hula Juice Bar  — obviously), but I also enjoyed some beautiful sunshine for these photos. When it’s warm, nothing makes me happier than Old Town Edinburgh ( I love going to the park near Edinburgh Uni & getting drinks and cheese boards @ Brew Lab ’cause they’re officially open till 9pm Wed-Sun)!!!

With sunshine, obviously, comes weather above zero degrees. Being both a Canadian and a resident of the UK, the prospect of warm weather = sartorial distress.  Being a  *fashion* person who always wears black, however, I like to alter my fall / winter style as little as possible without dying of heat stroke.

To do this, I wear a lot of thin-fabric high street items (H&M = my saviour). For my internships last summer, these thin black trousers were a godsend. When I’m not working, I like to wear thin track jackets and wind breakers over cropped vests. Sometimes, I even wear my black 1-piece swimsuits underneath my loose black trousers. To prevent the look from becoming totally goth, elements of strategic colour and sporty details (lace-up anything, stripes etc) are easy ways to keep it season-relevant. Alongside sport details, little vintage-y shades (Retro Superfuture, Sun Buddies, Ray-Ban are cool options) make ya look even cooler.

Jacket: Alexander Wang X Adidas (SneakersnStuff London still has a few pieces)!

Vest: H&M

Trousers: Boutique Secret West Hampstead (it’s not really secret — right beside West Hampstead station).

Trainers: Oki Kutsu (Office Shoes)

**That’s it for this week folks! I have to run to my life drawing class (I’m currently in Paris, using the Wifi of my favourite coffee shop here, KB Cafe), but I hope to write a little more for this post later tonight.** 




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