The White Summer Shoe & Vans X UO

All Photography: Alex Massek, @riversideblues , @ampersandmedia

Hello friends!

As I write to you, I’m in my favourite London coffee shop, Briki, sipping an iced Americano and trying to type with tattoo bandages on my arm. I joked with my mom that I was getting a “photo-real sleeve” of dachshunds running into the sunset, and I swear she believed me. In actuality, she’d be relieved to know, it’s just a serif “101LKV” (my dog has the same tattoo) on my wrist and a maple leaf on my arm (near my elbow). They’re reminders of Canada, and they look SO GOOD. I couldn’t be happier, and I’ll be sure to go into more detail about them once they’re healed.

Although I am considerably delayed in writing this post, I have good reasons — ok? Not only did I write my last exam ever a week ago, but I also just came back from Gran Canaria at 3am. Not only did our apartment have no Wifi, but the whole village also had no Wifi (although I confess to getting travel data — I’m a technology addict, what can I say).

During the above shoot, which took place a few weeks ago, I FINALLY collaborated with my talented friend Alex. While he specializes in really cool urban photography, he sometimes dabbles in fashion-related stuff. Check out his Instagram here.  I love how the photos are both true to him and to the aesthetic of this blog.

For the look, I wanted to focus on styling white trainers for summer. When one thinks of white trainers in summer time, one may also think of pumpkin spice lattes in Autumn, or Taylor Swift Lyrics, Uggs and Lululemons. In actuality, however, white trainers can be very fresh for summer — when styled correctly. PLUS, white + cream combos are also super trendy, and make the ‘but will this go with the whites in my closet’ dilemma a non-issue. Lately, I’ve been wearing mine with bold colours and garments that have a distinctive fit (oversized or undersized). Paired with a cropped red hoodie and loose trousers, I’m going more for a Dover Street Market employee vibe. With contrast and strong shapes, the shoes become more sculptural and modern than “basic” Instagram girl.

Sold on picking up a pair? Here are a few of my favourites: 

Axel Arigato 

Stan Smith 



That’s it for this week folks! See you next #trainersontuesday




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