Revision Days: The art of the lazy dress & trainers I can’t stop wearing

Hello friends!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you probably know that warm weather = time to break out the comfortable yet simple dresses. Of all the brands in the world to wear during the warmer months, American Apparel = my go-to. Since the brand has now gone bankrupt, however, H&M will probably become the only store I shop at. If you have any American Apparel alternatives, please let me know via the comments or Instagram @stephieirwin. I am definitely open to suggestions, and would rather support a smaller, better-quality brand than H&M if I can.

The Lazy Dress

Unsurprisingly, I styled this look with a stretchy American Apparel dress as my base. Honestly, a dress like this can be found anywhere — even a slip from a lingerie store would probably work. The great thing about a black dress in a casual fabric = it can go from the library – the beach – dinner all with simply the change of a jacket. As well, they’re super cheap, comfortable and can be found anywhere — definitely a staple.

I like this £5 one HERE. 

The Oversized Jumper 

Since its still a bit too chilly in Scotland to not wear a jumper, I’ve been layering oversized jumpers like my ALLSAINTS one overtop of dresses. Not only will it keep you warm, but the oversized cut gives a really cool shape to the look.

You can find my jumper HERE 

The Cropped Jacket 

As much as I love oversized jumpers, they can be a bit sloppy when worn alone, and are often difficult to style with jackets. However, mine surprisingly looks great with anything cropped. With a cropped jacket, the jumper looks a little more ‘sculptural’ than ‘slovenly’. When the sleeves are pulled down, the jacket makes it look more intentionally ‘Vetements’ than ‘this jumper has never fit me.’ As well, cropped cargo jackets are another summer staple. Most often, I wear mine with bikinis or vintage tees that are already cropped.

This one HERE is pretty similar. 

The Skinny Scarf 

If I feel like I need a little something extra, I always go for a skinny scarf. Although I can still get away with a wooly one in May, come june I will swap it out for a lighter-weight option.

Check out Rosie Sugden scarves HERE. 

Baby Necklaces & Accessories 

Although I have a tendency to lose jewelry (Erm… my graduation ring for a few days recently), I think it’s a great way to add a personal element to whatever you’re wearing. Since I travel a lot, I tend to wear little to none. Lately, I’ve been wearing Astrid & Miyu necklaces, a hematite bracelet and my university signet ring.

Check out Astrid & Miyu HERE

Trainers I can’t stop wearing 

I have featured these babies 15+ times on this blog for a reason. The heel, the colour-blocking, the EVERYTHING. If you need one pair of comfortable / sophisticated / weirdly futuristic trainers, these are your best bet. Y3 is the best. If you’re like me and can’t afford anything they have full-price, the brand does sometimes have trainers on sale — patience is key.

Check out the latest Y3 trainers HERE

Before I go, I just wanted to let you all know that yours truly found a job in London !!!! Its 3-6 months paid at the place I’ve been DREAMING to work for for a very long time. I’m almost graduated from Uni as well, and life seems to be going at break-neck speed. Nonetheless, I am so grateful, and can’t wait to be among East London’s like-minded fashion freaks soon enough!!

Jacket: Rag & Bone Jean [NORDSTROM RACK] | Jumper: ALLSAINTS | Glasses: Sugar & Style BOXPARK | Scarf: Rosie Sugden | Dress (underneath): American Apparel | Trainers: Adidas Y3 | Necklaces (layered): H&M | Necklace ‘S’: Astrid & Miyu


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