Nike Airmax 97 OG Silver Bullet & Glittery Denim

Trainers: Nike Airmax 97 OG | Denim: TopShop | Henley: Splendid | Denim Jacket [underneath gilet]: Levi’s | Gilet: Galagowear | Necklace: H&M | Glasses: Sugar & Style | Bomber Jacket: Alpha Industries

Photos: Nathalie Demirdjian, @natdemir

Hello friends!

This week, I pestered my old flatmate to let me borrow her roof — the lighting there is off-the charts cool, and poses a great contrast to a denim-on-denim-on-silver ensemble.

Steph — WHAT precisely?

Well, as per usual, my ‘Paris Hilton + Canadian tuxedo’ vibe was inspired by these beautiful Nike Airmax 97 OG’s. Recently, these very-coveted trainers were rereleased  thanks to Airmax day (and capitalism, but that’s a whole other blog haha). If you want a pair, there are still a few left here — or you can wait till May for the golden version.

Although I initially thought these shoes were hideous, I, like most 14-year-old boys who love sneakers, grew to love their clunkiness. Strangely, there’s something about an alien-looking shoe that appeals to me. When paired with lots of denim, vintage or all black (pretty much what I wear 24/7 anyways), your whole outfit becomes a 1000X cooler (at least to me — ok)? If ‘ugly is cool’ doesn’t sell you, their comfort-factor probably will. I have tried on a lot of shoes in my lifetime, and these are honestly the most comfortable — ever — (and I’m an NMD fanatic, so that says something).

For this week’s look, I asked myself the thought-provoking intellectual question most university students ask themselves in times of stress: ‘what makes an OG?’ If I’m going to style OG Airmax, the rest of my look needs to be both as ‘original’ and ‘gangster’ as a Canadian white girl can be. The result? Sparkles, denim & some beautiful alien feet. Plus, there’s something very “Kanye at the MET” about this, and I’m all about it.

On the life-update front, things have been quite insane. I have one piece of coursework + one exam left, then I AM FREE FROM THE CONFINES OF FORMAL EDUCATION ! Everyone says that school is the best time of your life, but I think we all have different definitions of what the ‘best time of your life is.’ Plus, I, as cheesy as this sounds, view myself as a ‘lifelong learner’ — whether I’m taking a tech course or a shoe design course. Alongside whatever you’re studying, I have found that the people you meet in those environments teach you the most anyways.

Thankfully, I’ll be in London this weekend. I feel like I always say this, but I have some really really cool meetings lined up!

Moral of this week?

Sometimes it takes a while, but the hard work does actually pay off. And, please, summer ’17 will be all about the Airmax’s and denim — you heard it here first.

Over and out.



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