Chatty Favourites: Triple black NMD, ALLSAINTS Casso Jumper & CHAINS


Trousers: H&M

Chain necklace (large): House of CB

Chain necklace (small): H&M

Glasses: Sugar + Style [BOXPARK]

Trainers: Adidas NMD triple black

Photos: Tanya Krotovskaya, @tanyakrot



Hello friends!

As 4th year comes to a close, my style has become more comfort-inclined (even for a girl who blogs about trainers and hoodies 24/7 haha). So, naturally, my discovery of this jumper at ALLSAINTS HQ last January was love at first sight. Although it has the signature unisex ‘oversized shoulder’ look (which I usually achieve with Palace tees), it’s actually a women’s item. If you’re unsure of what size to go for, I’m a UK 10 / US 6 in clothes and I’m wearing an XS/S. Buying a wool jumper in the lead-up to summer may seem illogical, but I’ll be pairing mine with cut-off denim shorts. As well, it let’s me get away with wearing lighter jackets — and who isn’t stoked for that?

Besides big jumpers, I’ve also been incorporating a chunky chain necklace into my everyday outfits. I discovered this chain while looking for an event dress from House of CB. Lately, I’ve been layering it with finer silver necklaces from H&M. Since these necklaces often get really tangled (and I have a tendency to lose fine chain necklaces…), cheap & fun = the way to go. Accessory-wise, I’m still rocking these cheap glasses despite my perfect vision. I never thought I’d become one of those people, but the brand general eyewear are making me want to explore more faux-glasses frames…

Speaking of making things cool, I’m happy to report these triple black NMDs are a staple in my current sneaker rotation. Ever since wearing NMD’s 24/7 as a fashion intern (which = running around London for weeks on end), my NMD obsession has been well-documented on this blog. Speaking of Adidas…. the Alexander Wang X Adidas collection 3 happened on April 1st, and I managed to score a pair of trainers from the collection. As for which pair, you’ll have to wait and see ;).

To go with my comfy / minimal aesthetic, I’ve also dug deep into my old SoundCloud playlists. This one  is really great for studying (or for those time you find yourself sitting in a tree, lost in thought..hehe).

For the final favourite, I’m going to delve into something a little different from my usual discussion of fashion & SoundCloud — makeup. Although I found out about this product after doing this shoot, Bobbi Brown pot brow gel has seriously changed my life. Throw out your pencil and just buy it — you’ll thank me later.

That’s it for this week folks! Hope you enjoyed my favourites, and see you next Tuesday. Let me know if you liked this week — tried to switch it up a little. 






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      April 7, 2017 / 1:32 pm

      Thanks Jenny!! 🙂

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