Crop tops, Body Positivity & “Lizard” Nike’s

Cropped vest: RYU | Trakkies: Zara | Lace (around waist): Nike | Glasses: BOX PARK | Jacket: Adidas Stella McCartney | Trainers: Nike

Photos: Tanya K

Hello friends!

Of all the blog posts I’ve done, this one is particularly historic. Why? Well, I’ve never been so….. half-naked. I’ll admit, my ‘layers on layers’ philosophy can be partially credited to my small closet / the horrendously cold Scottish weather, but the greater reason is a bit more complicated.

Last semester,  I had to take 2 months away from the gym and it destroyed me. Health wise, I am like most girls in that diet is 95% of the battle — if you master that, you’re in the clear. That being said, however, I’m dedicated to exercise not for aesthetics, but instead, for the psychological benefits. When I don’t exercise, my brain gets into a really horrible fog.

After those two months passed, I could start to go to the gym again. I’d go on the elliptical and do workouts my physiotherapist had ‘ok’ed’ but I was honestly quite freaked out. It’s funny, I, like most people, tend to take the most basic things I have in life for granted, and I don’t appreciate them until they have disappeared. Although I could exercise, I still had to avoid chairs and bending over to pick things up (plus everything in my flat is designed for someone under 5′ tall, I swear).  Even once I started to feel better, however, I became afraid that I’d hurt my back again. To get me out of my funk, I enlisted the help of @benlauderdykes – an online trainer. I can’t afford to have a real trainer, and I like the idea of having: 1. a person to be accountable to, 2. a concrete plan, 3. some reassurance that I’m not going to wreck my back at the gym).

Although I’ve been especially health-conscious lately, keeping things positive = the #1 priority. Since social media / life can often be a soup of poisonous comparison, I try to follow people who spread body positive / inspiring shit. Among my favourites are the model @charlihoward , and fitness blogger @zannavandijk  (her book HERE has the best healthy recipes).

As a result of refocusing my mind, I became inspired by the half-naked vibes of THIS REALLY FREAKING COOL KITH lookbook (styled by my Canadian streetwear idol chick @emilyelaineoberg). Sure, mine ended up looking completely different from hers (THANK U GOLDEN HOUR FOR FINALLY PULLING THROUGH), but it pushed me out of my comfort zone — and for that I’m thankful.

Moral of today’s story? I’ve learned that having a plan, getting help making a plan if you need it, appreciating that your body is still working, and unfollowing / block negativity on social media, & following @emilyelaineoberg will change your life. Also, your body is perfect. Even Victoria’s Secret models gain and lose 5lbs throughout the day like all of us haha.

TBH – I know I keep saying things are changing on here, but they legitimately will be (as in — not sure if this blog will be in the same format for much longer……..).

***ALSO HAPPY BELATED NIKE AIRMAX DAY. These ‘repitilian-inspired’ airmax are my go-to trainer to pair with sloppy sweatpants. They’re the ultimate **I swear I tried this morning** shoe. Teehee.

See you…. next week!



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