Band Tees & Wardrobe Classics

Flannel: Vintage | Teeshirt: White Lies “Friends” Tour 2017 | Jeans: TopShop | Trainers: Vans | Glasses: BOXPARK

Photos: Tanya K, @tanyakrot

Hello friends!

If you know me, then you probably know I’ve been obsessed with the band White Lies since the 9th grade. I wish I could tell you I discovered them through trawling around record stores or SoundCloud. In actuality, I discovered them thanks to the show Vampire Diaries, which featured a lot of their songs in the pilot episode. The best way to describe White Lies? Think Muse + a bit of cheesy disco + additional vampire vibes. The lead singer also has incredibly rad hair.


Ok, ok. Well, I was in Edinburgh last week for no particular reason. After procrasti-checking Facebook during lunch, I discovered that White Lies were not only playing that night, but they were also playing 2 mins away from where I was staying. No joke. Without thinking, I bought a ticket. For me, seeing this band live was a bucket-list item. I love them so much I’d honestly go there alone and in sweats — so I did.

Besides the music being awesome, indie bands also have amazing teeshirts (see my post from a TLSP concert last summer). White Lies are, thankfully, no exception to this rule. For their latest album, Friends, [which is really really awesome], the graphics are glowing and maze-like. Now, I have a momento from that ‘one time I went to a concert by myself in sweats with a 30lb backpack full of textbooks’ #worthit.

After getting said band tee, I began to think of other wardrobe classics that are not only wearable, but also sentimental. For me, the modern memory-filled staples are: the vintage leather jacket, the band tee, the white tee, Vans, bomber jackets, flannels and crazy glasses. With exception to the Vans, I’ve realized that vintage = the way to go (especially for pieces that will stand the test of time, yet be relatively affordable).

Shoe-wise, I’ve been unable to take off these nude Vans. Besides the obvious fact that they go with everything, they can be styled both in a hipster vintage way (paired with orange tones), and in a modern streetwear way (paired with army greens and pale pinks). Since this blog forces me to maximize my closet (i.e: reinvent the same pieces week to week), I am all about options mannn.

That’s it for this week kids! Let me know what your ‘sentimental staples’ are, or if you’ve ever been to a concert by yourself. Honestly, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

See you next week!



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