Triple Black NMD’s & Patent Trousers for Daytime


T-Shirt & Hat: Palace | Top [underneath]: BCBG | Trousers: H&M | Trainers: Adidas NMD | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos: Tanya K , @tanyakrot

Hello friends!

After seeing Alexa Chung wear patent trousers at Glastonbury 2016, I’ve been on the hunt for my own pair. Being a 5’11 girl, however (and not Alexa Chung), its difficult enough to even find jeans. Thankfully, H&M came through. From experience, these are one of those items you can’t just buy online and hope for the best — the trial and error struggle has been very real. Although I usually wear these to dinner parties / nights out (I got a lot of stares when these photos were shot haha), they look really killer with massive knit sweaters and mono-colour trainers.


Speaking of all-black trainers, I am, as I am most of the time, surprised that I managed to get these NMD’s. One could say I have a bit of an addiction. “But why is the black sole such a big deal, Steph” you ask? Rumour has it, Adidas tried to make their boost sole coloured for a while. However, the material wouldn’t absorb colour properly. Lots of at-home retailers and customizers tried to DIY, but their attempts all failed pretty hard. Although white mono-colour wasn’t an issue (check mine out HERE), black is the colour we all want — especially here in the unpredictable weather capital of the world –the UK. As much as I love box-fresh white trainers, all-black is their cooler, rebellious younger sister who has both a lifetime ban from Fabric and a Soho House membership.

As for the rest of my look, nothing says ‘contrast’ quite like a massive skater tee and patent trousers. In pairing a cold elbow top with it, I like to think I’ve fooled you all. **Spoiler alert** they’re both separate tops. A traditional teeshirt layering combination — with an unexpected, modern twist.

***Life update***

Enough about what I’m wearing. As for life lately, some of you are probably wondering why I wasn’t around last week. I know, I know. Things have been rather cray cray for this girl (applying for jobs, brutal workouts courtesy of this guy, a few papers, begging FarFetch HQ to love me :P). However, I promise to make it up to you all with photos from my upcoming London & Milan trips!!! I’m really happy lately, so look forward to a lot more on here 😀 😀 :D. I am almost freaking graduated from university guys. I will be a free London bird soon!!!!!

See ya next week, 



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