The Grey Coat You Need & Big Changes

Coat: ALLSAINTS (sample sale) | Teeshirt: Black Market Vintage | Trousers: American Apparel | Trainers: APL |
Glasses: Sugar & Style BOX PARK | Hoodie: &Other Stories

Photos: Tanya K


Hello friends!

This week, I’m finally back in St Andrews. It’s always sad to leave London, but I’ll be back soon enough (hint: London Fashion Week). Now that I’m in Scotland, I’ll (try) to focus on things I like in this adorable town. Coffee. Books. One or two people.

Speaking of things I like, let’s discuss this coat (great segway — I know). The day before I left London, I went to the ALLSAINTS sample sale with my boss. Being a former employee, I scored an additional 50% off, resulting in this coat being only £40. If you know ALLSAINTS, you know that’s a crazy deal.

Ever since falling in love with a grey cashmere coat two years ago at Harvey Nichols (it was £4000 — no joke), I’ve been looking for a feasible alternative. Basically, that obscene Burberry coat sparked my obsession with the colour grey. Being a person who prefers black and cool tones, grey = the modern, icy alternative to the camel coat.

When entering a sample sale (and life, really. So deep), I like to have a mental list of what I legitimately want / need. Usually, I don’t stray too far from it (I’m human — ok?). Although I’m only at the beginning of my fashion career, I’ve learned that sales benefit the company more than they benefit you. That being said, sometimes it’s worth it to compromise. When I found this coat, the sleeves were a few inches too short. Since the coat was on massive sale, however, I had a tailor let out the sleeves right after I bought it (otherwise I always forget hehe). P.S: if you’re dying for a grey coat now, this Zara one I’ve tried on before. The men’s ones fit me really well.

Although my comparison of sample sales to life may seem cheesy, I do think its true. I’m currently in a period of transition– final year of uni. There are so many ‘good’ and ‘should’ options, and the present feels too temporary. However, its important to not lose focus and buy shit (/take on things & people) you don’t need. If you do, you’ll end up dissatisfied and with a closet (and life) full of cheap clothes you never wanted in the first place. As well, I met a person recently who opened my eyes to the importance of not settling. He was quite magical.

I’m incredibly lucky to have so many opportunities, but its easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with an abundance of choice. Other people can often speak loudly about what they want you to do, and cutting through the noise can be difficult. I’ve taken on a lot of responsibilities in University because I felt like I ‘should’ rather than even wanting to. The key, I’ve found, is having real friends who genuinely care about you, and cutting out people who are full of shit.

Because I’ve spent a lot of time living and working in London (as much as a Scottish student can), I’ve managed to formulate a checklist in my head of what I want. I’ll be moving to the Old Street / Spitafields and working within fashion eCommerce strategy, running my own podcast and designing shoes on the side (and somehow finding time for sleep, relationships etc).

I’ll be really busy, but I’m excited as hell.

Peace & see ya next week!



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