Spitalfields Market & Adidas NMD OG

Trainers: Adidas NMD | Trousers: La Boutique Secret ( near West Hampstead tube station) | Tee: Calvin Klein | Shirt: Sandro | Jacket: Coach Menswear | Socks: TopShop | Glasses: BoxPark | Necklace: Gift          

Hello friends!

Last Saturday initially seemed average. Early breakfast (the oatmeal at LEON is life-changing), a hellish (in a good way) spin class @ Ethos, then my walk home. On the way, I noticed a large queue of teenage boys outside the OffSpring nearby. In that moment, I realized Adidas NMD OG’s were being rereleased. Today.

Naturally, I decided to queue for the hell of it — it wasn’t that long, and even if I didn’t end up liking the shoes, I could resell them for £600+ no problem. Obviously, I knew I’d love the shoes, and I was lying to myself. Surprisingly, the queue was incredibly entertaining. One child shoe reseller (they are all incredibly young) even had his mom drive across town to go in the store and get a pair (so he could sell it — there’s a one pair per person limit). That same boy even tried to convince me to give him my shoes because I’m a girl and “why are you even here?”  Being the sneaker hoarder I am, however, I wasn’t going anywhere **insert evil laugh**.

Besides being the most comfortable shoe ever, NMD’s are really easy to dress up. Unlike the child sneaker resellers, I’ll be rocking mine with crazy graphic tees from Blitz Vintage, trousers and large glasses. When wearing these trainers, I like to tie in shades of lighter and darker blue.

Outside the realm of shoes, things are great here in London! It’s absolutely freezing right now (2 degrees), but I’ve been frequenting my favourite places outside my 9-6 internship (Ace Hotel, Cook Daily, Timberyard, Ethos, and most importantly Spitafields). I love Spitafields for its eclectic mix of shops.  Whether I’m drooling over the McQ sale items, browsing the craft vendors or hitting up the best magazine shop in East London, Jala News, (Dazed, i-D, Fast Company — essential reading), it’s always a good time.

See ya next Tuesday!



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