Vintage-Chic: The Perfect Formula (hint: it involves Stan Smiths)

Bomber Jacket: AllSaints | Top: BCBG | Jeans: A.P.C. | Glasses: Bought @ Box Park (vintage) | Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith | Backpack: MCM | Nails: WAH Nails Soho | Keychain: Amanda Wakeley

All Photos: Tanya Krotovskaya (@tanyakrot)

Hello friends!

This week, I’m FINALLY back in London for 2017. For the month of January, I’m PR interning at one of my favourite brands in East London. At my job, I coordinate clothing samples, writeup trend and event reports, and send clothing to my favourite celebrities. The highlight? Sending a jacket to @DiegoBarrueco — and seeing him get photographed in it days later.

After a week of sending clothes to celebrities, attempting to collapse gigantic boxes and calling couriers, I met up with Tanya, (my favourite person who kindly takes a lot of these photos), for a much-needed weekend chill out. With nothing on the agenda, we met up at Liverpool Street Station, then found ourselves chilling at Origin Coffee, one of my favourite hangout spots. Although it was the weekend, we both needed time to nerd out over SoundCloud and apply for jobs. To see some of the tracks I shared, check out my SoundCloud here.

For this wonderful day, I thought it would be funny to dress in an exaggeratedly hipster fashion. From experience, I’ve found that Stan Smiths + medium wash denim + bomber jacket + clear lens glasses = the perfect formula for a vintage-chic look. Thankfully, I snapped up this AllSaints bomber jacket on massive sale (they’re still doing 20% off sale). Its now less than the price of a TopShop bomber jacket (just 10X the quality).

Admittedly, I felt like a bit of a poser wearing clear lens glasses (my vision is stellar, I’ll have you know). Once Tanya and I started to chatting to some very attractive guys, however, I just had to roll with it. After wearing them for a day, I had a considerable amount of fun.

P.S: I had my nails done at WAH Soho. They genuinely live up to the hype!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading <3 . 



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