Tracksuits, rare Vans & a 2016 playlist

Jacket: Puma Club Brugges | Trousers: BCBG | Trainers: Vans | Bag: Vintage Gucci (NOT mine — borrowed).
Photos: My tolerant and genius mother 🙂

Last week, I saw the movie Fantastic Beasts with my mom, who is 1000X cooler than I am (she snowboards, races cars and does show jumping. And she’s awesome at taking photos).

Before our outing, I was struggling to find something to wear. Thankfully, I had these BCBG trousers, AKA my go-to *** appear like I’m trying but not actually** comfy staple (side note: bought them on sale. Never buy any BCBG full price — it will be 50% off the next week). As I rifled around my closet, I came across an old track jacket, which I bought ages ago in a Belgian  convenience store.

Although both items seem to serve far different purposes, their contrast of sporty and fancy embodies the premise behind this blog. Considering the world’s fascination with tracksuits lately, this look is nostalgic without being too overtly so. Accessory wise, I was able to borrow a Tom Ford era Gucci bag. It’s skinny handles and small size are a nod the early 00’s — just like the tracksuit itself.

 For my trainers, I wanted something cool that wouldn’t detract from the main event — the tracksuit. I ordered these Vans online, since they’re always sold out in stores — everywhere. Their understated tan colour not only coordinates with the look, but they’re also a great option for the upcoming Spring / Summer months.

In personal life news, I’ll be flying back to London January 1st, and spending most of the month there. As happy as I am to be home, I can’t wait to be working again. Honestly, there’s nothing like the energy of London’s fashion scene.

Since this is my last post of 2016, I hope you all have a stellar NYE. 2017 is set to be 🔥. Everyone talks a lot of crap about 2016, but it was the best year of my life personally — and I only see things getting better.

*You can enjoy my 2016 playlist below!

See you in London, 



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