Common Projects & Why you need understated sneakers

Coat: Special Blend | Trousers: American Apparel | Trainers: Woman by Common Project

Hello friends!

Ever since meeting a Vogue editor last summer in New York, there’s been one shoe brand I can’t get off my mind — Common Projects. Despite being known as the shining star among luxury sneakers, I used to think they were vastly overrated. Why pay so much for such a basic looking shoe?

After noticing the editor’s trainers, however, I decided to give them a chance. If a Vogue Editor is willing to spend almost $700 USD on a pair of trainers, he must be onto something– right?

Among sneaker bloggers, it is commonly said that ***once you wear Common Projects, you never go back**. Once tried on my UK 7 feet, I immediately understood the obsession. These sneakers are crazy comfortable, beautifully made, yet aren’t outwardly flashy. Instead of using crazy graphics and appendages (erm… Adidas), Common Projects lets the quality of their shoes speak for themselves.

 I probably sound like an advertisement right now, but whatever — they’re pretty awesome. Despite loving the shoes, I realized that their $600 price tag made them a dream for the distant future (when I’m rich enough to afford the Justin4ever Vetements sweater. LOL). Recently, god seemed to intervene at Nordstrom a couple of days ago, where one pair was left. In my size. For $200. Although that’s still a lot of $$$ to shell out on shoes, I had faith in the Vogue Editor, since he proclaimed that his have lasted a very long time. Because I’ve invested in understated high quality sneakers (far more times than the average person, I confess), I can attest that they instantly add polish to anything you’re wearing — even a suit.

Styling-wise, I’ve been wearing mine with a wide range of outfits — American Apparel jeggings, APC medium wash denim, thigh-high socks and unsurprisingly,with satin trousers and fishnet socks. If you’re planning to get a pair of Common Projects, here are my top colour / style picks below. I’ve tried most of them on, and can attest to their comfiness. Although I love their slip-ons and boots, the lace-up Achilles style is their signature and would be a great first pair.

Top Common Projects picks:

  1. Metallic Foil Achilles 
  2. Pink Achilles (LOVE these) 
  3. Light Grey Achilles (also love the way they’ve styled them for the product page) 
  4.  Suede Oxblood (most similar to mine and also ON SALE) 
  5. All Black low-top with velcro strap (ON SALE) 

Understated (less expensive) sneaker picks:

  1. Axel Arigato Clean 90 laceless 
  2. Eytys in velvet 
  3. Tan veggie leather Vans 

That’s it for this week guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed my understated sneaker picks, and I’ll see you all next week. Apologies for the slowness — my dissertation is done and I’m home in Vancouver. Next week, I’ll be sharing my favourite trends for 2017, so stay tuned for that. 

Hope you all have a happy holiday!



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