Custom hoodies & Metcon’s


Hoodie: TopShop [customized @ TopShop Oxford St] | Scarf [around shoulders]: Vero Moda | Windbreaker [overtop of hoodie: Adidas Stella McCartney | Trousers: Boutique Secret [outside West Hampstead Station] | Socks: Andrew Richardson | Trainers: Nike Metcon 2 | Paperclip earring: Zara

All Photos: Tanya Krotovskaya

Hello friends!

This week, I have exceeded my own expectations — I’m posting!!! Although I have a 4000-word essay due Dec 5th, and my 10,000-word dissertation due on the 6th, I’m thankfully organized.

Anyways, I became inspired to create this look from my orange hoodie, which I’ve yet to feature on this blog. Ever since I dressed Hailey Baldwin at LFW a couple months ago, I’ve been hunting for an orange hoodie, just like the one she wore that day. After searching high and low, I came across TopShop hoodies and had my mind blown. Let’s just say, if you want a certain colour basic hoodie, TopShop will probably have it. Even though I bought it over a month ago, I have been unable to take it off.

Right before buying the hoodie, I had it customized at TopShop Oxford Circus — they’ll embroider ANYTHING you buy there. Naturally, I put my name on my hoodie. Given my tendency to lose things at friends’ houses, I figured it would be useful haha. Friends have also suggested that I do a bomber jacket with “Princess in Trainers” on the back, but I’m not that shameless — yet.

As for the rest of my look, I also wanted to rock my weight lifting shoes in a blog post. Although I seem to have no trouble integrating sporty shoes into looks, I have only worn these at the gym — until now, that is. With shoes like these, I like to play up their “I belong only in the gym” look. To do this, I love wearing sport socks from either Andrew Richardson or American Apparel. Because of the socks, however, I think that jeans would look weird with this look. As a rule of thumb, I usually pair trainers with wool or crepe trousers if I think they’d look weird with jeans.

Speaking of gym-ing, my back is feeling WAY better. Although I’m still a bit achy, and still need to avoid chairs, I’ve started a new workout program and have been quite strict about food lately. I’m not trying to lose weight, just trying to regain my strength  after a month being a cripple. Don’t worry mom — I’ll be careful :).

That’s it for this week! I will not be posting next week (since that’s my dissertation deadline), but I will definitely be back after!!! Once I hand in my dissertation, I’ll be spending Christmas in Vancouver, then all January in East London!!! 

See you then, 



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