Stephie’s Guide #2: Navy, Black & Edinburgh


Jumper: AllSaints | Trousers: Acne Studios | Trainers: Nike Lab AF1 hightops | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bag: J.Crew | Keychain: Amanda Wakeley

Photos: my very tolerant Momma <3

Hello friends!

For the last week, I’ve had the privilege of showing my amazing mom around Scotland! I barely ever see her, so hanging out  was a much-needed break from student life. Although she did stay in St Andrews for a considerable time with me, there isn’t really much to see there. For the second half of our trip, however, I showed my mom around Edinburgh. Although most students at my uni don’t go to Edinburgh often, I’ve always made an effort to explore. When I travel there, I always bring a TON of studying with me, so you could say my cafe knowledge borders on expert-level.

Before I get into sharing my hangout spots, I want to give a shoutout to this outfit. Although its simple, I love the understated-rebellion of rocking navy and black. Lately, I can’t seem to take off my AllSaints jumper ( 20% off, luckily), and I’ve been putting my Amanda Wakeley pom pom on everything — even a necklace chain…. My mom actually bought the same keychain in a different colour, so we wear them at the same time because we’re cheesy as hell. People seem to associate furry keychains with the Kardashians, but I still love them regardless.

In general, I like to wear a lot of layers when I go to Edinburgh. Although the weather is very unpredictable, I’ve learned that “it will only get colder” as the day goes on, and that umbrellas are virtually useless. Since I’m usually there taking a break, rather than dressing up, I prefer fabrics that do the talking — just so I can be a little more comfy. I haven’t included it in these photos, but I usually wear a long wool coat overtop once it hits December, to be safe.

Trainer wise, these Nike Lab AF1’s are an old favourite. Honestly, they are within my top 3 ‘desert island’ shoe picks, alongside my Y3’s and Vans.

Without further delay, here’s my updated guide to Edinburgh!! Be sure to let me know if you end up seeing these places, or if you have even better recommendations :).


Favourite places in Edinburgh … 

Pub : The Huxley 

Coffee shop: Black Medicine to sit-in, Wellington coffee to-go 

Espresso Martini: G&V Hotel Edinburgh (Old Town)

Magazine-shopping: Edinburgh Waverley WH Smith

Piercing shop: Studio XIII

Dinner spot: Hanam’s 

Shopping spots: Pie in the Sky Vintage & AllSaints

Art Gallery: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 

Sneaker-shop [wide price-range]: 3rd floor Harvey Nichols

Hotel: Apex Hotel 

Thanks for reading this week — see you guys next Tuesday! I am currently writing a 4000-word essay and finishing my dissertation (which are due on the same day Dec 5th — LOL) , so I might be on a hiatus for a week or two. Nonetheless, I will do my best to post on here. I’m no Chiara Ferragni, but this blog makes me happy. 



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