Parka Styling 101


Parka: Canada Goose | Hoodie: Urban Outfitters | Flannel [around waist]: Roots Canada |Trousers: Acne Studios past season $30CAD | Vest: Lululemon | Trainers: Givenchy | Earring: H&M

All Photos: Tanya K , @tanyakrot

Hello friends!

Lately, Scottish weather has been rather chilly (even my Canadian mom, who’s currently here visiting, agrees). To cope, I’ve been rocking my parka, and some, TBH, rather boring outfits –and I know I’m not the only one.

Parka + beige sweater + dark jeans + generic sneakers + black backpack = me for the last week. I know — **god forbid**.

Mostly, I chalk it up to writing my dissertation in comfort & staying warm as > than looking ‘cool’. Being an optimist (despite recent apocalyptic world events), however, I believe that we can and should have it all in this crazy world. If Drake can rock a parka and still look like a G, then so can I — right?

Taking inspiration from Demna Gvasalia’s collaboration with Canada Goose for FW16, I wondered what most hype beast girls wonder — what would Demna do?

To keep things more street (and less dad-chic), I’ve been wearing the ‘Goose over my shoulders or zipped in weird ways. Layering wise, I like to balance the large parka with dispersed layers and a large earring. Although cropped hoodies appear difficult to wear, they’re amazing with high-waisted trousers in either satin-y material (they were $30 on sale — not silk PEOPLE) or wool.

Most importantly, the shoe I picked for this look was naturally crucial. Like the jacket, these trainers blend luxe-materials with casual function. Lacing wise, I’ve been wearing them completely undone, secured with the leather strap at the top.

After putting this crazy look together, I surprisingly kept it on for the rest of the day. I can’t really tell if my Scottish village has become more accepting, or if people have learned to ignore my craziness. Regardless, my eccentricity will probably continue — despite the 8500 words I have to write within the next couple weeks.

Since I’ve been in Edinburgh for the last few days, expect an “Edinburgh guide” next week to distract you from your studies! See you then <3 . 




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