Retro style, Raf Simons & why I’ve been MIA


Top: H&M | Jacket: Rag & Bone Jean [OUTLET] | Trousers & Belt around neck: Babaton @ Aritzia | Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage [Toronto, Canada] | Trainers: Adidas Raf Simons

All photos: Tanya Krotovskaya

 Hello friends!

Honestly, it feels like I haven’t posted on here in a hundred years. After my big week in London (huge photoshoot, 3 job interviews, somehow finding time to write 3000 words), I managed to hurt my back considerably. Thankfully, it wasn’t from a single specific thing – it was more of a build up that can be credited to working too hard and not taking any breaks. It’s all my fault, but I’ve learned to be more careful from it.

Unfortunately, this back tweak was bad enough that I couldn’t bend down to pick up things, sit in chairs or dress myself. In the beginning, the physio even left his table in my living room for me to lay and study on. It has been around 2 weeks now that I’ve been out of commission (unable to exercise like I usually do). It sucks a lot, but I am trying to keep my mind (and this blog) in a positive space — things could be a lot worse.

As a part of my recovery process, I’ve been taking a lot of pain killers, watching guilty-pleasure tv with Tanya & her flatmates (Charmed, anyone?) & enduring pilates and the elliptical machine. Once I regain some strength, I’m confident that I’ll be boxing at full-capacity in London next summer — just with a more conscious, careful mind.

I want to share my current state with you guys because honestly, I’m sure I mustn’t be alone in having a crazy busy life. Trust me, you will save yourself a lot of pain and time if you just take a break :). Hopefully, I will actually take my own advice haha. Unfortunately, it often takes hurting yourself to appreciate how hard your body works for you day-to-day.  I’m a cheeseball –I know.

Despite my crippled state, I naturally managed to get a photoshoot in **insert sassy girl emoji**.  For this week, I became inspired by both my pink Gucci-inspired aviators (they were $3 — ok?) and a Kylie Lip Kit that I purchased (don’t judge me, Candy K is good — albeit excessively vanilla flavoured –shit). The result? A retro vibe that I will shamelessly sport into winter.  To make this look warmer, I’d add a pink hoodie and another cargo jacket overtop.

As for the trainers, nothing makes me happier than metallic trainers that colour-coordinate. Besides being cool, they also add pop without distracting from the retro vibe I’m (attempting) to achieve 🙂 .

In other news, I GOT THE FREAKING JOB!!!!! I’ll be interning for a well-known brand that I LOVE in January, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all. Getting through to this brand was quite the challenge, so I’m ecstatic that my work has been paying off.

Apologies for missing last week, but I’m recovering quite well, so my posting will be back to normal from now on! 

See ya Tuesday, 



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