Berliner: My trip to Germany!


Jacket: Alpha Industries | Jumper: Zara | Leggings: RYU | Trainers: Nike Huarache | Backpack: MCM | Pins: Vintage | Socks: very-mismatched | Sunglasses: Celine | Keychain: &Other Stories

All photos: @tanyakrot , Tanya Krotovskaya

Photo with Tanya: Isabella Wheeler

Hello friends!

Yesterday, my arrival home from Berlin was a bit of a whirl whind. Within an hour of my return, I hosted a Canadian thanksgiving party — and I even managed to cook a dish or two. Although it was a bit chaotic, I seem to thrive on being busy — and constantly reminding everyone about the “great white north”.

While in Berlin, I loved taking photos of the run-down buildings constructed after WWII, the modern architecture of places like the Neue National Gallery, the Jewish Museum… I could go on for a long time. Basically, Berlin was 100% my style + an additional dose of “Eastern European” flair I wasn’t expecting. To see more of these non-fashion photos, be sure to check out my Instagram (@stephieirwin)!

As for Berliners themselves, the men were all VERY stylish (think coiffed hair, all black layered outfits and AMAZING shoes). Among the girls, most were styled similarly to how I dress on this blog (when they’d wear a faux fur jacket there would usually be a hoodie underneath). Despite the prevalence of classic streetwear, however, the Berliners I saw always found a way to make their style unique.

Besides admiring the style of strangers, my friends and I also met cool people everywhere –whether  it was Mein Haus Am See for drinks, The Juicery Berlin or even just the street. Unfortunately, we didn’t really attempt to shop until Sunday — in which we discovered most shops were shut. If you have any suggestions, however, let me know. I 100% will be going back!

For my German adventure, I packed a half empty suitcase filled with neutrally-coloured clothes. The day I took these photos, however, I was feeling extra bold. Since Alpha Industries bomber jackets are reversible, I decided to wear mine “construction worker side out.” When paired with dark streetwear pieces, it looks really cool — less typical than the bomber jackets most people wear.

Alongside my love for all things reversible, I’ve also been keen on these RYU leggings lately! Although I’m usually all about black on black gym-wear, these grey leggings have become a staple for my travels. TBH they’re among the few leggings I own that aren’t actually see-through.

To go with my “grey mono” aesthetic, I can finally say I’ve found my Zara knit soulmate. Most of my friends are Zara fiends, and I’ve always admired how their knits resemble those at AllSaints — but for a fraction of the price. Not only doe their knits look expensive, but they’re actually really warm. Ever since taking these photos, I’ve been wearing this sweater everyday — I even have it on as I write this.

After a week or two of feeling uninspired in general, I can honestly say that I’m back — and have Germany to thank for it. In fact, most of you will be glad to know that next week will feature even more photos from Germany! As for the week after, pictures from Brixton will also be coming your way…

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s post! Let me know if you’ve ever been to Berlin, or if you have more Berlin recommendations — I should be going again soon :). 



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