Nike Huarache, Monochrome & some honesty….


Hoodie: &Other Stories | Jumper (underneath worn backwards): Supreme | Dress (underneath jumper): American Apparel | Leggings: AllSaints | Socks: Richardson | Trainers: Nike Air Huarache triple black | Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage

All photos: Tanya Krotovskaya, @tanyakrot

Hello friends!

Now that I’ve been back in Scotland for two weeks, my creative inspiration has been rather lacking. As much as I love the tiny town I live in (the best coffee shops, cutest old people, gorgeous beaches, brilliant professors etc), it can be a bit suffocating for creativity.

I was reading Sex Power and Clothes by Colin McDowell recently, and he said something along the lines of “feeling the need to conform (particularly with dress) is the greatest physical manifestation of fear.” Because people are desperate to appear perfectly manicured and “happy” in a small clique-y university (and are thus driven by fear / perfectionism most of the time), it results in a hegemonic sense of what’s cool (all the same Kygo music, dressing like you’re an old fisherman in his mid 40s).

As a result, the creative scene can be rather lacking — especially when you’re bogged down with work and same-ness is all you see.  I’m not saying that liking Kygo is a bad thing…. rather, it’s a sign that you’ve given up on looking for better music. This additional effort, I’ve realized, is the only way one can stay excited and passionate in a generic town.

When I put together outfits each week for this blog, I’m not only fighting against myself (i.e: trying to provide new-looking ensembles each week without having to go into debt), but I’m also fighting against the sense of “blah” that this town seems to wash over me.  Whenever I leave, I feel like I’m being injected with happiness drugs and cool ideas.

Because I’ve been feeling “blah”, I ironically became inspired by my own “blah-ness” for my outfit this week. I wanted to sport a look that resembles a fresh (albeit angsty) slate — all black. Shoe-wise, these Nike Huarache’s are the epitome of fresh. My friend Nadia has them in white, and those are honestly even cooler…

Since I need to finish my degree (while somehow staying sane), I’ve compiled a list of ways I’m trying to break my creative rut. Through doing this, I hope to help other people who feel the same way! Despite constantly feeling overwhelmed in work, it’s important to force yourself to take a step back — to take some time for your own creative sanity.

How I will somehow feel more inspired…. (I love lists — ok)?

  • Take the time to read a new fashion magazine I’ve never read before (this will be a hard one….)
  • Go to more creative events in town — life drawing, open mics, poetry readings
  • Take street photos in Edinburgh
  • Go to more gigs (will be seeing Snakehips soon) !
  • Ask friends for playlists that are completely different from what I usually listen to

Those are all my ideas for now, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments or on Instagram @stephieirwin. 

P.S: take time for yourself, read a book you actually like occasionally, everything will be fine, ***virtual hug***.

See you next week! 



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