NMD’s, Kanye & 4th year reflections


Hoodie: Kanye West London Merch | Flannel: Vintage | Jeans: A.P.C | Trainers: Adidas NMD | Shades: J.Crew | Purse: H&M
All photos: Tanya Krotovskaya, @tanyakrot

Hello friends!

This week is no ordinary week. After three years of hard work and probably too much fun, I’m officially in 4th year. Thanks to Facebook reminding me of what a cringe-y fresher I was, I became inspired to write this week’s post on my style evolution.

Back when I started uni at St Andrews three years ago, I was honestly a bit terrified. I didn’t think I would fit in, and I probably would’ve given my left arm and first born to have been a Berkeley student. Instead of just being my weird self in St Andrews, I changed myself into the human equivalent of a beige cable knit as a.. creative… way to feel like a different person.

As a result, my fashion sense became… incredibly cringe. Honestly, I can’t look back to Freshers photos without feeling that way — and I don’t think I’m a special case. At the beginning of second year, however, I thankfully made a change. I made this blog. If it wasn’t for this site, I’d probably be a different person.

I’m not going to pretend this blog has millions of followers, or that I get sent free stuff 24/7, but that honestly isn’t the point. Being an ‘influencer’  has never interested me. Instead, my interest has always been in styling and developing a certain aesthetic that was genuine and all my own. In allowing myself to have fun with style, I’ve slowly been able to accept my authentic self — as cheesy as that sounds. After a year of having a blog, I guarantee that you will burn most of the cable knits you own — and you will feel free.

Speaking of feeling free….

I went to Dundee last week with my old flatmate, just to get a break of our small Scottish town. During our trip, we discovered  these rare NMD’s available in pretty much every size — I was quite impressed. I’ve always thought people give Dundee too much flack, but now I love it even more. To keep my new shoes clean, I usually use soap and / or eraser sponges .

Not only are my shoes in this post rare (my inner hype beast is showing — just a little bit 😛 ), but so is this hoodie. A few weeks ago, Kanye did a pop-up store 4 minutes away from my work in Shoreditch, so I managed to snag a London hoodie — the temptation to resell is very real.

That’s it for this week guys! I hope you’ve been having a great first week back, and I’ll see you next Tuesday 🙂 


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