Sports bras in public & back to school thoughts


Jacket: Vintage (Momma Loves You Vintage Queen St West, Toronto) | Sports Bra: LNDR | Skirt: J Crew | Trainers: New Balance x J Crew | Sunglasses: J Crew | Earbuds: Bose

Hello friends!

As I shamefully write this #trainersontuesday on a Wednesday, I’ve finally settled back into my Scottish home. Guys, I’m a 4th year now. I’ve become that senior who knows everyone in the street, gives freshers directions and all in all feel light years more confident than I was 3 years ago.

Last weekend, I spent some time in Toronto, Canada (where I took these photos). When I was in town, I had the chance to meet with a friend of my sister’s. Honestly, she inspires me for her ambition, confidence, positivity –I could go on. As a girl, I often find it challenging to find role models (entrepreneurial ones specifically) who aren’t men. I want to start my own company in a few years time, and nothing makes me happier than an empire-building female who relates to my problems and gives great advice. Among the highlights? Get this planner, read this book (among many), and enjoy the crazy ride.

Speaking of  *enjoying life* (I’m terrible at segways — ok?) , I’ve been enjoying the lasts of summer through wearing as little clothing as possible. In particular, I’ve been wearing sports bras as tops  **à la Gigi Hadid**, and I kind of like it. The LNDR one I’m wearing above and these from RYU are my favourites for the gym and in public. For this shoot, I paired my LNDR bra with a pleather skirt, and I love the contrast between the two materials. Additionally, I also love how my vintage jacket matches my skirt — it was strangely unintentional.

For trainers, I’d always wanted a pair of New Balance’s, but I’d never found any that were unique enough. Thankfully, these J.Crew x New Balance’s have become my “shoe of the moment.” Aesthetically, I love the combination of bright and pale colours with the gum sole.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading, and see you next Tuesday. I promise! 

P.S: If anyone asks, my name is Della ;).



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