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Teeshirt: Cuts & Bruises [Hackney] | Skirt: J.Crew | Purse: J.Crew | Socks: Andrew Richardson | Trainers: APL | Bandana: J.Crew

Hello friends!

To say that I’ve been travelling a lot would definitely be an understatement. This week, I’m (currently) staying in New York City. Last week, I had a marvellous time in Vancouver chilling with @buddhadogadventures, sleeping and binge watching The Mindy Project (BEST SHOW EVER. Just saying).

After my short relaxing holiday in Vancouver (well, it was barely a week), I’ve been going to some fun meetings in New York! In my downtime, I hit up the classic New York ‘fashion’ spots: Kith, Andrew Richardson [don’t go in there with your parents….], Opening Ceremony, Rick Owens and surprisingly — J.Crew.

After a meeting I had today, I stopped by the J.Crew in Brookfield Place, and it was one of those RARE occasions when the salespeople were actually helpful instead of blatantly lying which is always nice. You know a salesperson has skills when they actually convince me to try on heels…

From shopping around New York and reading an unhealthy amount of blogs, magazines and books, I’ve put together a list of what I’ll be wearing this Fall / Winter (its in similar vein to what I’m wearing in the photos above).

Fall 2016

  1. Leather Skirts (long enough to endure the Scottish wind) : I love the contradiction of a medium length pleated skirt and leather combined. I’ll be pairing mine with skate shop teeshirts and trainers that appear too athletic to leave the gym.
  2. Graphic Teeshirts : My addiction to black graphic tees knows no bounds. Personally, I love to get mine at Andrew Richardson, Palace, local skate shops…. or a random barber shop in Hackney. Whatever works.
  3. Crazy cool socks : Andrew Richardson or Palace.
  4. APL FOR DAYSS: If I see a pair of APL’s in a store (actually in stock and in my size), I pretty much lose my mind. Currently, I am loving these in red. 
  5. Bandanas: Tied to everything. Lately, I’ve even taken to tying them on my backpacks.
  6.  Animal Print: I’ve never been one to wear a lot of animal print, mostly because its hard to pull off. Lately, I’ve been loving it from high quality brands in small doses (paired with grunge teeshirts, hoodies and jeans).

That’s it for this week guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday! School is coming up so soon, and I’m trying to look forward to it…. can I go back to interning instead??? PLZZZ?? 

See ya next week! 


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