Swedish Summer Style


Netted top: &Other Stories | Teeshirt (underneath): WildFox | Shorts: TopShop | Hat: Barcelona FBC | Watch: Men’s knock-off Breitling (its broken — don’t buy knock-offs kids) | Trainers: Acne Studios

Hello friends!

After an exhausting yet amazing summer, I’m finally back in Canada! Although I’ve been back to Toronto a few times, I haven’t been to Vancouver in over a year until now.

Now that I’m back (and reunited with my dachshund Buddha),I finally have access to all of the summer clothes I left behind. For this outfit, I wanted to blend white and cream with ‘sporty’ extras. Despite documenting my style weekly through this blog, it didn’t occur to me until now how boyish I’ve become. Now that I’m in Vancouver, my closet seems so girl-ish and preppy…. I actually kind of love it.

Lately, I’ve also been OBSESSED with fashion illustration / illustration in general (alas the super old Wildfox tee I’m wearing above). Recently, @itsjimmynoble  even did a drawing of me, which you can check out here.  In the future, I’d also kill to take this class. 

For the rest of my Vancouver trip, I’m hoping to veg-out and catch up on American magazines (W, NYLON & Interview being my favourites). Hopefully I’ll fit in some dissertation reading and research, but I really, doubt it. Next week, I’ll be in New York and Toronto, so expect a lot more street art wise.

As well, I am going to go back to posting twice a week (starting this week). Although I won’t be starting a YouTube yet, a fashion industry discussion podcast is currently in the works with a few friends! Stay tuned :).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday! 



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