My Top 6 Workout Essentials & East London Update!


My East London workout: THE gym I swear by and the gear I can’t go without! 

Jumper: Supreme | Zip Hoodie (around neck): Y-3 | Leggings: Nike | Trainers: APL | Socks: horrendous blue socks from H&M that shouldn’t even be in these photos (but I’m too lazy to change it)

Hello friends!

This week, I’m finally settled in Shoreditch! I am beyond happy to be here, and it feels truly surreal. However, there’s one problem — the workout space in my dorm.

When I signed up to live in my London dorm, I was beyond excited — 5 minute walk to work vs. my previous 1 hour tube ride? Yes please. Although things have been great, the workout area is (to put it lightly), quite lacking. There’s little space, no cleaning provisions, and the heaviest weight is a 10kg dumbell. No joke. Coupled with all my workout clothes being pretty much torn to shreds, I knew it was time for a change.

I don’t proclaim to be the fittest girl in the world, but lifting weights (or at least having allocated workout space) is one of my top priorities. I don’t need my gym to be ritzy –I prioritise space and workout classes that kick my ass. Thankfully, I came across Blok, which manages to combine a simple, pretty and clean facility with challenging classes. Stellar shakes as well! Highly recommend if you’re in East London! *Shoutout to @stylesavageuk ‘s Instagram for helping me find Blok 🙂 .

Clothing wise, I came to the realisation that all my gym clothes were very very worn…. the hard way. After purging my old clothes, I knew it was time to find new stuff. For me, buying workout clothing is like buying jeans — they need to be comfortable, high quality, and make me look 10lbs thinner than I am. Given my optimistic criteria, I naturally dislike shopping for gym clothes.

After great trial and error (erm testing to see if leggings are too sheer, fake running in shoe stores), I’ve put together a list of the top 6 gym items every girl needs (or guy — just ignore #5 :P). P.S: all of the things below will make you feel awesome and last forever — they’re worth the investment.

Top 6 Gym Essentials

  1. Trainers
  2. Leggings  (most Nike ones are sheer, these ones are an exception) :).
  3. Shorts 
  4. Tanks  or Teeshirts 
  5. Sports Bras 
  6. Cool gym crewneck or hoodie  — 100% necessary if you commute to the gym!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week’s post! Let me know what your gym essentials are by commenting on my Instagram @stephieirwin, or below! See you next week.



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