Varsity Streetwear & Canadian Things..


Turtleneck: Kit & Ace | Teeshirt & Socks: Palace | Shorts: Nike | Hat: Urban Outfitters | Trainers: Fenty Puma | Backpack: Herschel

Hello friends!

The week before I took these photos, I went to a pub with a few friends. After, we decided to hit up two classic streetwear (erm.. skateboarding) shops, Palace and Supreme… naturally. Although I (thankfully) didn’t buy anything at the time, I knew I had to go back. With my recent tendency for pulling varsity-themed vintage samples for shoots, I’d been keen to do my own “modern take” of  “varsity -chic” for a while now.

Among these samples, I was particularly drawn to the sporty teeshirts and socks. Coincidentally, Palace has an amazing range of.. well — everything. Once I had the teeshirt and socks, I wanted to put together something traditionally preppy yet modern and streetwear focused. The key? Personally, I think it’s the wide range of fabrics — mixing modern and vintage. The corduroy hat appears vintage, but the sporty shorts and patent leather creepers resemble modern streetwear. To make the look more “nerdy hipster” and less “I just came home from the gym”, I added a turtleneck underneath. And a backpack — I never seem to use purses since I’m always carrying my laptop. Everywhere.

You can’t see them in my photos, but that day, I also wore light coloured lens Ray Ban club masters to finish the look.


On a completely unrelated note, I just wanted to say HAPPY BELATED CANADA DAY to you all. July 1st (last Friday), was 1 of the 2 days in the year (erm Canadian Thanksgiving) that listening to excessive amounts of Drake and drinking unsafe quantities of maple syrup is 100% mandatory. As per yearly tradition, I made a Canadian playlist that you can listen to here. Honestly, I miss home like hell, but I know that London is where I need to be at this time in my career :).

See you guys Friday!



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