Dressing for the “casual” office ft. Adidas Y-3

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Hoodie: Adidas Y-3 | Jacket (underneath outer jacket): Burberry sample outlet | Jacket (overtop): Rag & Bone / Jean, Nordstrom Outlet | Teeshirt: UNIQLO Men’s Jean Basquiat | Trousers: American Apparel | Trainers: Adidas Y-3

Hello friends!

Last week, I promised to do a post on how to dress for the “casual office.” Although dressing casual may seem simple enough — jeans, teeshirt, converse, backpack, it’s actually far more calculated in a creative industry office.

At my previous internship, the code was relatively straightforward — but completely not my style. Usually, people wore trousers, polos, sandals or a nice dress. No jeans. For my current place of work, however, the code is far less clear-cut.

During my interview, I noticed how casual everyone was. Because I’m an intern, I figured that different rules would apply to me. If in doubt, I always dress up. To add to the pressure, when I met the fashion director of British Vogue, she told me that what you wear as a fashion intern is “way more important than you think.” Great.

 On my first day, I wore trousers, a blazer and my CDG Converse. Not only did I feel like a fool, but I also felt way too hot while running around London searching for an “unbranded ball” for four hours. Within that day, I went from visiting the Tatler office in the morning, to PoundLand in Camden — where a fellow intern and I finally located the unbranded bouncy balls. We were quite proud of ourselves, and still make immature jokes about it to this day.

After my first day, I thankfully found a uniform that is not only effortless to put together, but also shows off my style and can endure London’s random summer weather (think frigid down pour one day, scalding hot the next).

  • American Apparel Crepe trousers : not too expensive, more lightweight than jeans, comfortable enough to run in — if necessary.
  • Cool teeshirt: my boss seems to love my graphic teeshirts, so I have found myself wearing them a lot lately. The men’s section at UNIQLO has a really cool selection!
  • Lightweight cargo jacket: warm enough for chilly evenings, light enough that you won’t die of heat stroke. A packable rain jacket is also a great idea — I’ve learned this the hard way.
  • Trainers with cushioning: As a fashion intern, you will probably need to run around London a considerable amount — or at least be on your feet. If you wear shoes that are too thin-soled, your feet will hurt. These Y-3’s or neutral looking shoes meant for running are what I’d personally recommend.
  • Small backpack: I don’t have one pictured because it’s something I know that I need — but don’t have yet. I’ve been using a shoulder bag, and my back is in pain. If your backpack has enough room for your wallet and lunch, it’s a perfect intern bag!

That’s it for this week folks! I hope you’ve found this post helpful — whether you’re about to start an internship, or are already in the midst of one. See you on Friday — I am going to try a new post format then, and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think 🙂 

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      Miss working with you!!! I look forward to hearing about your work with Rankin :).

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