Dad Hats & Neon Brogues


Denim Jacket: Levi’s | Teeshirt: DSM Teeshirt Shop | Jeans: TopShop | Hat: Urban Outfitters (mens) | Sneaker Brogues: Cole Haan X Nike (found at Value Village) | Backpack: Herschel

 Hello friends!

It’s official — I’ve been living and working in London for 1 week. Last summer, I remember the first week being the most exhausting part of my internship, so at least I know the worst is over haha. Although I won’t reveal where I’m working on here, I will say that it’s a magazine with the most hardworking, genuine and hilarious people you can find in London.

For this week’s look, I was inspired by my boss. He always wears denim jackets and ‘dad hats’ to the office (we’re a casual bunch — might do a blog post on casual office attire soon). The look is very “I’m an 18-year-old skater boy from Los Angeles with relatives in Connecticut” … which I feel, oddly enough, sums up my aesthetic most days.

Although I confess to being apprehensive toward the whole ‘dad hat’ trend, my love of Jack Baran’s style and the men’s section of Urban Outfitters have converted me. Fun fact: my head is actually shaped quite unconventionally, so I tend to only have luck with men’s hats anyways.

Whilst wearing my brand-new ‘dad hat’, I like to play up conventionally hipster clothing items. In short, I like to go all out. Canadian tuxedo, tie-die shirt… and some preppy brogue trainers for contrast. Don’t own brogues? These Nike Cortez trainers would look really cool with this look too!

This week, I’m featuring my Cole Haan brogues (that have a trainer sole — they count to me haha). I found them at Value Village a while back for crazy cheap. Although I scored them for a low price, they’re so comfortable and cool that I would recommend paying full price for trainers like these. Love how their neon accent ties in with my tie die shirt — pulling together two items that contradict each other style wise. Contradictions my friends, are what I’m all about.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know, I’ve been slacking, but the last two weeks have been completely mental. That being said, I am confident I’ll be in a routine this coming week :). 


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